Corned beef stir fry


Cooked corn beef, cut in strips, optional of adding slices like chilli, nando’s sauce, giving it a slight marinate
Potatoe chips (fried and kept aside)
1 big onion(slices)
1⁄2 green pepper (slices)
2 carrots (julienne )
Added some frozen mix veg (the 1 with cauliflower and broccoli )
Tom sauce
1⁄2 cup of corn from the tin
Soya sauce


Braise onion in olive oil
Then add green pepper and carrots wen onion see thru
Then add your cooked corned beef and little green chilli and some salt and pepper and few dashes of soya sauce
Then u add your corn and braise nicely ..
Then add your broccoli and cauliflower and steam little so it doesn’t get too mushy and still is a bit crunchy
Then lastly add your tomato sauce and your chips u can spice chips before adding it in, can add some mushrooms too and serve hot with some garlic roast or jst like that is fine.

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