History of Corned Beef Hash


Corned Beef Hash, deriving from the French verb, ‘hacher ’meaning ‘to chop’, is a traditional dish consisting of corned beef, potatoes and spices that are mixed together and cooked either alone or along with other ingredients.

From the Liverpudlian’s ‘Scouse Corned Beef Hash’ to ‘Panaculty’ hailing from the North East, there are a number of regional variations across the UK. Popular additions to the classic recipe include egg, cheese or root vegetables and the dish can be enjoyed baked or fried.

The Corned Beef Hash has also seen a revival in recent years with households across the UK cooking up traditional home-cooked food and restaurants adding comforting dishes to their menus.

A regular on shopping lists for generations, Princes is the nation’s favourite brand of Corned Beef and it now offers a wide range of variations such as Corned Beef with Chilli and Corned Beef with Onion.


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